Treacherous feminist campaign to eliminate Australian culture and history

Take a look at the portraits below of Brimbank Council’s councillors. Eight of the eleven councillors are women and three are men. In this case it is more accurate to say that eight are feminists and three are emasculated men.

All women who manage to capture even the smallest management position in Australian society are feminist. They are feminists who acquire their position to promote and push forward their feminist/woke agenda. They are remorseless and unforbiding in their various campaigns. Once they secure their position they will hang onto it like a wild cat, scratching and hissing at anyone.

In the case of an elected position, like a municipal councillor, they will capture the position according to democractic rules but once secured will shut down any challenge to their decisions – as Christopher Heathcote illustrates below – in the best dictatorial manner.

Capture of local government is integral to the feminist agenda. If you don’t believe me, inquire who is running your local council and whether they are more concerned with their political ideology than with the tasks local councils were created for. The time for local councils has passed.

People have to realize that feminists don’t give a st… about democracy. It’s all about their feminist/woke ideology – the destruction of patriarchy and the white anglo capitalist order.

Australia’s feminists are guilty of treachery and betrayal that former generations once knew how to handle.

When will Australian men realize that it is not in their interests to give any support at all to the feminist agenda?


Welcome to Country, Goodbye Australia Day

Christopher Heathcote, Quadrant, 16 December 2023

Sunshine and surrounding suburbs in Melbourne’s west will not be observing Australia Day in 2024.  Residents learned this on 12 December at Brimbank Council’s last meeting for 2023.  The council runs a sprawling municipality of over half a million souls, encompassing Deer Park, Sunshine, St Albans, Kealba, Taylors Lakes and historic Keilor.

It was a packed meeting with extra chairs carried in for the many ratepayers who attended. Three security guards were also laid on — one stood either side of the room, and a third (who kept noisily grunting) sat in the back row amid a contingent of elderly Vietnamese. The Mayor, Cr Ranka Rasic, started the meeting by reading out a prepared statement that comments or protests from members of the public would not be tolerated, and anyone who disrupted the meeting would be ejected from the building.

Cr Rasic next called all present to stand, then gave a formal acknowledgment of country, and the meeting got underway.  After accepting the minutes of November’s council meeting it was on to correspondence from ratepayers.  A theme running through letters cited was the seeming reluctance of councillors to actually meet with ratepayers.  One letter about a meeting to ratify the council’s new policy on LGBTQ+ matters pointed out that, while there was a strong turnout of the local LGBTQ+ community, most councillors did not attend.  However, Councillors defensively took the line that its easy enough throughout the year for ratepayers to contact them, so there is no need for ratepayers to meet with or address the council.

The first few letters asked about the independence of councillors.  Cr Rasic speedily dealt with them by referring the correspondent to the relevant regulations, quoting a code number. 

The next letter pointed out that council meetings begin with all standing for an acknowledgement of country, but the National Anthem is neither played nor sung.  Emphasising that the National Anthem is inclusive and acknowledges all Australians, not just one race, the correspondent requested that in future it be sung at the start of all Council Meetings.  Cr Rasic once again referred to the council’s regulations (code number quoted), saying that they prescribe the acknowledgement of country, but not the National Anthem.  No councillor took up the proposal to play or sing the National Anthem in meetings, so the meeting moved on.

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