Reviews of ‘The Persecution of Cardinal Pell

Keith Windschuttle, Editor of Quadrant, has written a powerful book tearing apart every aspect of the absurd case against Cardinal Pell for abusing two choir boys in St Patrick’s Cathedral in 1996 and 1997. Windschuttle’s book, THE PERSECUTION OF CARDINAL PELL, is obligatory for Australians, still in possession of their reason, who want to believe our legal system is working. It’s not – at least not in Victoria where the whole legal and political system, headed by a demented out-of-control Marxist, is in advanced stages of decay. This page will list links to the reviews of THE PERSECUTION OF CARDINAL PELL.

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The Persecution of George Pell, Paul Collits, The Freedoms Project, 12 December 2020

What happened to Cardinal Pell can happen to any Australian, author warns, David Ryan, CNS, 11 December 2020

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George Pell’s Kafkaesque Scenario, Keith Windschuttle, Quadrant, 1 December 2020

Book Review: The Persecution of Cardinal Pell, Journal of the Australian Catholic Historical Society, November 2020

George Pell: the persecution of an innocent man, Catholic Weekly, 29 November 2020