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Flags treason and insurgency

It should have come as no surprise that Adam Bandt, Marxist traitor and leader of the Greens, put aside the Australian flag prior to a press conference. He was acting true to character – and true to the character of the poisonous party he leads. People should get by the treacherous slime and see what they’re voting for.

On his Sky News program, Andrew Bolt gave us a view of the traitors and the flags that stand for insurgency and betrayal: Australia’s elites are ‘ashamed’ of national flag.

Every time I see the 1971 Anglo-Aboriginal political flag flying above the Harbour Bridge in Sydney and the Westgate Bridge in Melbourne, I see a blazing symbol of treason and betrayal by government and of insurgency by one tiny sector of the Australian population who think they’re superior to the rest of us.

Flagging separatism

White Aboriginals’ political flag

Today, The Australian has a report under the headline, $20m copyright deal frees Aboriginal flag for all. The government has paid 20 million dollars for the so-called Aboriginal flag created by a graphic artist. In the comments section I wrote:

I do not recognise the so-called Aboriginal flag, designed in 1971 to support a separatist political movement. It is a measure of the success of the separatist/insurrectionists that the flags flies over so many public buildings. It’s a manifestation of the determination of Australia’s dominant political class to commit cultural suicide. My culture is in the nation that arose out of the people of the First Fleet. Nation is a moral incorporation, according to Edmund Burke, and secondarily a mass of land between geographical coordinates.

As is usual, the censoring comments editor deleted my post. It was out of the range of allowable political comment in Australia’s only national newspaper.

The so-called Aboriginal flag is far from a flag ‘for all’, as the Australian likes to imagine. It is a flag for a narrow group of feverish political activists, some of whom pretend they are black.