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The truth about Aboriginal disadvantage

Loudest voices come from the cities, not the bush

Jacinta Nampijinpa, The Australian, 5 January 2021

Despite Closing the Gap, there remains a seven-year difference in life expectancy between the cities and the bush.
Despite Closing the Gap, there remains a seven-year difference in life expectancy between the cities and the bush.

Our political leaders don’t live in the bush, they live in cities. Heads of Aboriginal organisations don’t live in the bush, they live in cities. Policymakers don’t live in the bush, they live in cities. Those with the loudest voices pushing to change the date of Australia Day — or for a voice to parliament — don’t live in the bush, they live in the cities.

The cities are where the activists and their credulous supporters live among some of Australia’s most privileged. The cities are where the “progressive” media lives and the frame through which it views and reports to the rest of Australia. The cities are where the universities indoctrinate with much of their politically correct ideological teachings, delivered by academics who’ve never lived in remote Indigenous communities yet who bombard parliamentary inquiries and grant application channels with recommendations that fail to even grasp Indigenous disadvantage.

This is part of the reason decades of attempts to address Indigenous disadvantage have fallen short of accomplishing the outcomes needed to fix the ongoing raft of problems. Indigenous Australians in regional remote areas still face dire circumstances.

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White Aboriginals wish their existence away

It is a curious thing about many self-declared Aboriginals who bemoan the so-called invasion and the ravaging of their ‘indigenous’ culture. The majority of Aboriginals who pass before our eyes in news reports are in fact Australians of Aboriginal ancestry (AOAAs).

Their colour, from faded brown to full white with European features, gives them away. They all have the blood of other races (predominantly white) racing through their veins.

Do they realise that in bemoaning the invasion they are wishing their existence away? Does it not occur to them that they are alive because the fantastic, incredible voyage of eleven ships brought Europeans and their culture to the land mass now known as Australia?

It is not the only incoherence in the Aboriginal affair.

I do not acknowledge the Aboriginal flag

The so-called Aboriginal flag, whatever its origins, has long been hijacked by the far-left as a formidable weapon in their Marxist agenda, which is to wipe out all vestiges of European (capitalist) society. That’s the reason I do not recognize it. How many Australians of Aboriginal ancestry (AOAAs) realize they are just a tool in the radicals’ agenda? The Aboriginal flag is the opposite of a tool of reconciliation.

What are the origins of the so-called Aboriginal flag? Why has this commercially designed flag, now hijacked by the extreme left, been given official status – which status I refuse to acknowledge? Who gave it official status?

The brief answer is that the flag was designed by a graphic artist who holds the copyright and exacts a payment for its use. So the flag that has no popular ratification is a political leftist flag that pours money into a few private pockets.

The flag was given official status as the Aboriginal flag in 1995. IT IS NOT A NATIONAL FLAG. But that does not answer the question of who in government took it upon themselves to give the flag official status without going to the people. More information below.

The shady past of the WHITE man who controls the Aboriginal flag

Aboriginal flag nothing more than a ‘fabricated entity’

Government must not buy Aboriginal flag ‘because there is already one national flag’

Aboriginal woman takes us behind the rhetoric

Aboriginal woman pens powerful letter to divisive Australians

Caldron Pool, 19 January 2018

Jacinta Price has shared a remarkable letter she received from “a true survivour and the kind of Aboriginal woman our leaders need to listen to, especially [former] Greens Leader Di Natale.” [Marxist Adam Bandt is now Greens leader.]

I want to share this letter sent to me by a woman I regard as a sister. She is a true survivor and the kind of Aboriginal woman our leaders need to listen to, especially Greens Leader Di Natale!! Hear her words and please share her story! –

I’ve spent an hour trying to figure out how to start this letter and there’s no easy or good way to start it, I can’t pretty it up and I can’t be sensitive because I’m just so angry.

Over the last few days we have seen The Greens party cause a huge division between us, Indigenous pitted against Indigenous, Black against whites in what I can say is some of the most vile and racist hate speech I’ve ever seen, those defending the Greens have played right into their hands like the puppets you are, you think you’re smart but you’re not. Have you ever read the story of The Pied piper? The Greens are the piper and you’re the rats.

I see so much screaming and crying over the date, the 26th of January, the national day of Australia, Australia Day but not the correct date of the first fleet arriving, more fool you. So foolish to believe that the people crying for changing the date actually care about you? They don’t care about you! They care about division, widening the gap not closing it, a fool is easily parted from his family.

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Recycling anti-Australian, anti-white, and anti-European propaganda for Australia Day

The Daily Mail online recently published a series of photographs taken in Australia in the late 1800s and ‘1900s’ they called ‘shocking’, ‘haunting’, and ‘chilling’. Australia Day is approaching so there are no prizes for guessing the subject of the photos. They are photos of chained Aboriginals in what look like work gangs. They are indeed photos of miserable penal groups that shock. They are all the more shocking without any context of time and place.  They are recycled regularly to show what a bad lot (white) Australians are. Reinforcing the prejudices of some Daily Mail readers is also a motivation.

In their haste to smear and blacken (white) Australians, the editors of The Daily Mail did not even bother to check the time framework. All the photos were taken in the late 1800s. It is easy to see. It’s just as easy to see that none are of Australian conditions in the late 1900s. This is the haste of bigotry. The Daily Mail editors obviously don’t know that many billions of dollars have been spent over the last forty years to improve the lot of Aboriginals. Governments have bent of backwards to appease the loudest voices. And the ignorant sanctimonious editors of The Daily Mail even quote a UN document about rights to us. There is, however, a larger issue here than the smearing of white Australians.

The series of photos and the sanctimonious sensationalised commentary take their place in an unrelenting ideological and political campaign against white people and European Civilisation. If Australians (most of us are white) want a comprehensive account of the rising anti-white racism, I strongly recommend one reads Douglas Murray’s THE STRANGE DEATH OF EUROPE. It applies as much to Australia as to Europe. Indeed, Australia gets a big mention. The book will explain so much of prevailing political attitudes among leftist political parties and groups.

As for the photos, context and time are everything. One might investigate the punishment meted out to reoffending convicts in colonial Australia. On Australia Day, Australians should have a look around and see what we have achieved since 26 Jan 1788, and then compare that with the vision on our television of events in the Middle East and Africa.

Gerard Wilson