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Afghanistan – the expected killings continue

Reports from multiple sources (one Four women, including activist, killed in northern Afghanistan) claim Taliban cowboys killed four women, at least one of them of the group of women who publicly protested against the Taliban’s harsh restrictions on women.

This is no surprise. It was expected, given the barbarism the Taliban has exhibited in the past. It is to be expected of the gun-totting Islamic cowboys wandering the streets of Afghanistan eager to shoot the place up. It is expected of a culture that has continually been shown to be, at its worst, backward and barbaric.

Of course, not everyone imprisoned in the Islamic world has succumbed to its culture. But those ordinary people, whose natural feelings and sympathies direct them, have little say in Islam’s governance.

What have we learned from the Afghanistan debacle?

First and foremost, we (those still in possession of their reason) have learned once again that the Islamic World is incorrigible and unteachable.

Today’s news:

-Two nuns murdered in South Sudan

-British MP stabbed to death in a frenzied attack during a meet-and-greet in the local Church

-The one-year anniversary of the beheading of a teacher in Paris

-The suicide bombing of a mosque in Afghanistan

The question now follows: how many times must the West endure a cultural flogging, a random brutal assassination in the peaceful streets of our towns, the hacking off of a tourist’s head, being torn apart by a bomb, etc., etc., before it faces up to what Islam actually is in the world?

There is a culture of violence ranging from Bangladesh, through Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Arabian Peninsula, Turkey, Iran, to Northern Africa. It will remain ever thus. It is an inherent part of Islamic culture.

For the last sixty years, since the march of the guest workers, Islam has been invading the West. Many Muslim clerics are open about their intentions. (See THE DEATH OF EUROPE: immigration, Identity and Islam, by Douglas Murray).

In all places in the West, where Islam has established itself, one meets a disproportionate incidence of crime and violence – France, Holland, Germany and the UK, especially. The Netherlands is currently dealing with a series of assassinations of prominent people that clearly point to organised Middle Eastern crime/drug cartels.

Will no one in the West do something about it? Is there nobody with the power motivated by the betrayal?

Bringing down Ben Roberts-Smith

Australia sent the cream of its soldiers into Afghanistan to fight an enemy who puts no limits on the barbarism necessary to achieve their political and religious goals. One recent example of their diabolical barbarism was the bombing of a girls’ school in Kabul which killed at least 50 schoolgirls and wounded 100 others. This is one barbaric example among many. Such is the type Australian soldiers had to deal with.

Ben Roberts-Smith in his appearance is a magnificent warrior Australians can be proud of. But appearance is nothing unless actions can match the appearance. It does. Roberts-Smith is among Australia’s most decorated soldiers, being awarded a Victoria Cross, Australia’s highest military honour, for an action, the reading of which makes one gasp. The courage and daring in eliminating a machine gun nest is the stuff of movies.

But all the courage, military ability, and daring against a brutal barbaric enemy is nothing for Australia’s leftist media, full of pasty faces, long pale grasping fingers, and an overflow of spite. Roberts-Smith is a paradigm example of the type of man they hate.

They have gone to work in their well-known and proven way to create an image of this magnificent soldier as a war criminal. As expected the Age, the Sydney Morning Herald, and the Guardian are at the head of the assassination attempt. But look on the internet and your will find that whole deplorable basket of leftist-haters in the pile-on.

News.com is not my favourite news platform, but for once they have posted an article by Candace Sutton (hardly on the right) that has some balance – has not attempted to paint a picture of unquestioned guilt.

Ben Roberts-Smith on deployment in Afghanistan in 2010 on one of five tours he made for the Australian SAS. Picture: Department of Defence

Bombshell as witness slips up in Ben Roberts-Smith trial

Candace Sutton, news.com, 31 July 2021

A witness in the Ben Roberts-Smith trial has insisted the “big soldier” gave him instructions in Pashto, which the soldier does not speak.

An Afghan witness appears to have made a slip-up, claiming in the Ben Roberts-Smith defamation trial that a “big soldier” gave him instructions in Pashto, which Mr Roberts-Smith does not speak.

The final witness testifying from Kabul, Shahzad Aka, made the assertion under questioning from both sides in the trial, by Nine Newspapers’ lawyer and Mr Roberts-Smith’s.

He told the trial that the “big soldier” had come and had “a conversation” with him and others as they waited in a hut in Darwan after a raid by Australian SAS soldiers on September 11, 2012.

“That soldier told us you should not move until our plane comes … lands and we go back,” he said.

“This was said to us in Pashto language. Yes, we were told in Pashto, the conversation with us in Pashto.”

On June 19 this year, Mr Roberts-Smith testified that he didn’t speak the Pashto language. The trial has heard an interpreter accompanied to soldiers to translate commands to Afghan villagers.

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