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The far-left organise to defend violent African criminals

As expected, the far-left, including the Marxist Greens, have rushed together to dismiss the violent merciless crimes of African youth as (white) racism. (See report)

It does not matter that the crime figures demonstrate an incident of crime and violence among African youth that is way out of proportion to the size of the African community in Australia. It does not matter that there is ample video evidence of the violence and brazenness of the criminals. No, using the African community as a pretext, the usual treasonous people and groups are there to attack and undermine bourgeois white capitalist society at every turn. It is another manifestation of the rise of anti-white racism.

Will the Australian community witness once again the success of a determined far-left campaign to slur and slander (white) Australians as racist, thereby putting yet another gag on the ordinary person’s right of free speech?