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What have we learned from the Afghanistan debacle?

First and foremost, we (those still in possession of their reason) have learned once again that the Islamic World is incorrigible and unteachable.

Today’s news:

-Two nuns murdered in South Sudan

-British MP stabbed to death in a frenzied attack during a meet-and-greet in the local Church

-The one-year anniversary of the beheading of a teacher in Paris

-The suicide bombing of a mosque in Afghanistan

The question now follows: how many times must the West endure a cultural flogging, a random brutal assassination in the peaceful streets of our towns, the hacking off of a tourist’s head, being torn apart by a bomb, etc., etc., before it faces up to what Islam actually is in the world?

There is a culture of violence ranging from Bangladesh, through Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Arabian Peninsula, Turkey, Iran, to Northern Africa. It will remain ever thus. It is an inherent part of Islamic culture.

For the last sixty years, since the march of the guest workers, Islam has been invading the West. Many Muslim clerics are open about their intentions. (See THE DEATH OF EUROPE: immigration, Identity and Islam, by Douglas Murray).

In all places in the West, where Islam has established itself, one meets a disproportionate incidence of crime and violence – France, Holland, Germany and the UK, especially. The Netherlands is currently dealing with a series of assassinations of prominent people that clearly point to organised Middle Eastern crime/drug cartels.

Will no one in the West do something about it? Is there nobody with the power motivated by the betrayal?