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Woolworths – Treachery Betrayal

In early January 2024, the news broke that the Woolworths Group had got rid of their Australia Day merchandise (flags, caps, towels, and so on). They would no longer sell anything to do with Australia Day. The decision was clearly ideological. Woolworths management had joined the woke elites who supported the Aboriginal activists. This was in the face of the crushing defeat the activists suffered in the referendum to authorize what in reality was a separate Aboriginal state. Outrage thundered across Australia. Woolworths remained unrepentant. In this video, I show on the basis of the information on Woolworths’ corporate website, that the Woolworths’ Group is fully committed to the wokish agenda. The outrage of the ordinary Australian was justified.


Woolworth’s decision to remove Australia Day merchandise from its shelves hit like a bombshell across Australia.

What could they have been thinking, people were asking? Loud contempt and savage criticism have been poured on the corporate sector for cowardly turning their backs on ordinary people and falling in behind the wokist and Marxist elites who are never finished reading us their lessons and never finished scheming and manipulating the political process.

One would think that prudence would have dictated more subtle political action. But, no, in a sickening act of betrayal, they resorted to a business nulla nulla to bash us into submitting to their wokist political agenda. Indeed, Woolworths’ competitor, Coles, seems to have decided to keep Australia Day stock and escaped the lashing. Woolworths’ cussedness is an indication of their ideological rigidity. The people must obey, and if they resist, they must be made to obey.

Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci fronted the media on behalf of what’s called the Woolworths Group Executive Committee to defend the corporation’s action.

He squirmed and wriggled as he struggled to parry the criticism with the excuse that it was an economic decision. Australia Day merchandise did not sell. No sense in having stock that doesn’t sell. That’s pitiable nonsense, of course. It’s a fact that Australians buy Australia Day merchandise throughout the year, and not only around Australia Day. On simple business principles, a business would stock merchandise for which there was a demand. Brad’s explanation did not wash. And people could smell the wokist politics a mile off.

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Invasion day? Worry about the one taking place.

The British Australian Community has produced a blockbuster video, providing a brief historical account of what made Australia the great nation that it became in a miraculously short time.

Wonderful scenes are shown of the Australian people as we used to know them. In contrast with these rousing scenes is the threat of runaway migration that includes people from incompatible cultures with suspect intentions. See my previous comments about the Chinese community.

Treacherous feminist campaign to eliminate Australian culture and history

Take a look at the portraits below of Brimbank Council’s councillors. Eight of the eleven councillors are women and three are men. In this case it is more accurate to say that eight are feminists and three are emasculated men.

All women who manage to capture even the smallest management position in Australian society are feminist. They are feminists who acquire their position to promote and push forward their feminist/woke agenda. They are remorseless and unforbiding in their various campaigns. Once they secure their position they will hang onto it like a wild cat, scratching and hissing at anyone.

In the case of an elected position, like a municipal councillor, they will capture the position according to democractic rules but once secured will shut down any challenge to their decisions – as Christopher Heathcote illustrates below – in the best dictatorial manner.

Capture of local government is integral to the feminist agenda. If you don’t believe me, inquire who is running your local council and whether they are more concerned with their political ideology than with the tasks local councils were created for. The time for local councils has passed.

People have to realize that feminists don’t give a st… about democracy. It’s all about their feminist/woke ideology – the destruction of patriarchy and the white anglo capitalist order.

Australia’s feminists are guilty of treachery and betrayal that former generations once knew how to handle.

When will Australian men realize that it is not in their interests to give any support at all to the feminist agenda?


Welcome to Country, Goodbye Australia Day

Christopher Heathcote, Quadrant, 16 December 2023

Sunshine and surrounding suburbs in Melbourne’s west will not be observing Australia Day in 2024.  Residents learned this on 12 December at Brimbank Council’s last meeting for 2023.  The council runs a sprawling municipality of over half a million souls, encompassing Deer Park, Sunshine, St Albans, Kealba, Taylors Lakes and historic Keilor.

It was a packed meeting with extra chairs carried in for the many ratepayers who attended. Three security guards were also laid on — one stood either side of the room, and a third (who kept noisily grunting) sat in the back row amid a contingent of elderly Vietnamese. The Mayor, Cr Ranka Rasic, started the meeting by reading out a prepared statement that comments or protests from members of the public would not be tolerated, and anyone who disrupted the meeting would be ejected from the building.

Cr Rasic next called all present to stand, then gave a formal acknowledgment of country, and the meeting got underway.  After accepting the minutes of November’s council meeting it was on to correspondence from ratepayers.  A theme running through letters cited was the seeming reluctance of councillors to actually meet with ratepayers.  One letter about a meeting to ratify the council’s new policy on LGBTQ+ matters pointed out that, while there was a strong turnout of the local LGBTQ+ community, most councillors did not attend.  However, Councillors defensively took the line that its easy enough throughout the year for ratepayers to contact them, so there is no need for ratepayers to meet with or address the council.

The first few letters asked about the independence of councillors.  Cr Rasic speedily dealt with them by referring the correspondent to the relevant regulations, quoting a code number. 

The next letter pointed out that council meetings begin with all standing for an acknowledgement of country, but the National Anthem is neither played nor sung.  Emphasising that the National Anthem is inclusive and acknowledges all Australians, not just one race, the correspondent requested that in future it be sung at the start of all Council Meetings.  Cr Rasic once again referred to the council’s regulations (code number quoted), saying that they prescribe the acknowledgement of country, but not the National Anthem.  No councillor took up the proposal to play or sing the National Anthem in meetings, so the meeting moved on.

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Stephen Smith – another Labor Traitor

Stephen Smith cancels Australia Day celebrations in London.

STEPHEN SMITH, High Commissioner to London, and former Labor Party high-up (that’s why he got the job) has shown once again that the Australian Labor Party is the party of treachery and betrayal. Despite the ‘YES’ campaign for separatism being absolutely smashed by the 61% of Australians, the dishonorable Stephen Smith has taken it upon himself to get rid of celebrations for Australia Day at Australia House in London.

Like all his Labor colleagues who don’t give a sh.. about what Australians want if it does not fit in with their ideology, he has acted on is own. He has no authority at all to discard an Australian tradition like Australia Day which is and has always been on 26 January. The Australian nation properly understood has its origins in that date.

Do Australians once again have to swallow such arbitrary undemocratic decisions as this? Is there nobody who will rise to defend us?

Edmund Burke on what it means to be people

Gerard Charles Wilson

This essay should be read with the post, Australia did not exist before 26 January 1788, to appreciate the full argument.

When Edmund Burke claimed in An Appeal from the New to the Old Whigs that the French Revolution ‘was a wild attempt to methodise anarchy; to perpetuate and fix disorder … that it was a foul, impious, monstrous thing, wholly out of the course of moral nature,’[1] he was targeting a particular theory of political organisation now known as ‘social contract theory’. It is essential to understand that in Burke’s understanding, social contract theory not only determines the form of political organisation of a particular people but the accompanying social organisation as well.[2]

The early theorists of social contract were Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679), John Locke (1632-1704) and Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778). Hobbes is considered the first to introduce the idea. Burke was clearly familiar with the writings of these political philosophers. There are recognisable references to Hobbes (Leviathan) and Locke (The Second Treatise of Government) in his speeches and writings, although he does not name them. He was scathing about Rousseau, reducing his entire philosophy (including the Social Contract) to one of vanity, claiming that ‘with this vice he was possessed to a degree little short of madness,’ and that ‘it is plain that the present rebellion [in France] was its legitimate offspring.’ [3] In other words, he attributed the ‘wild attempt to methodise anarchy [and] to perpetuate and fix disorder’ in France to Rousseau as a major influence.

In his writings on the influence of social contract theory in Britain, however, he had several contemporaries foremost in mind, notably Joseph Priestly (1733-1804),[4] Dr Richard Price (1723-1791)[5] and Thomas Paine (1737-1809).[6] He did not name Priestley or Paine but openly attacked Price in the Reflections on the Revolution in France, precisely on his understanding of the social contract.

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List of companies boycotting Australia Day

Once upon a time, as fables used to begin, Australians could rely on established Australian companies and the corporate world in general to defend Australia and its history. Not any more. The corporate world is showing its lost its backbone. It’s now filled with weak men and wokist women. The companies and individuals below have chosen to destroy the Australia nation, as it originated in Sydney Cove, erase its history, and replace it with a reinvented Aboriginal culture with its accompanying myths. An Aboriginal Frankenstein.

These culturally empty people stink of self-loathing.

(699) ‘Totalitarianism in the name of kindness’: Kmart boycotts Aus Day – YouTube

Kmart under fire for dumping Australia Day merchandise range in 2023: ‘Please explain’ | 7NEWS

Kmart’s anti-Australia Day push is ‘anti-migrant’ | Sky News Australia

Beverley McGarvey Channel 10 Boss
Media Diary: ‘January 26 is January 26’: Ten boycotts Australia Day | The Australian

Sandra Sully Channel 10 newsreader confirms what most people think about her.
Sandra Sully defends Channel 10’s boycott of Australia Day after staff encouraged to work | Daily Mail Online

P & O Australia
The cruise ship operator sent an internal memo to staff last week prohibiting the use of the flag or playing of the national anthem as well as banning any Australia Day paraphernalia. They said they wanted to ‘include’ everyone. What nonsense. They were too gutless to go against the woke activists.
P&O Cruises overturn Australia Day ban following community backlash | Sky News Australia

Telstra – CEO Vicki Brady
The Coalition has accused Labor of encouraging corporate Australia “to change our national day by stealth” after Telstra chief executive Vicki Brady revealed she would work on Thursday, ­declaring that for many First ­Nations people January 26 was a “painful reminder of discrimination and exclusion”.

Ms Brady is, to date, the highest profile corporate figure who has chosen to publicly announce they will be working on Thursday, as the national debate continues about the appropriateness of celebrating the day when Sir Arthur Phillip arrived in Sydney Cove in 1788. (The Australian, 25 January)


Lawyers Herbert Smith Freehills and Gilbert + Tobin

Eve Studio – a yoga and fitness business with locations in Brunswick and Preston, Melbourne.
The businesses going further than an Australia Day boycott (smartcompany.com.au)

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Why Australia did not exist before 26 January 1788

(699) Australia did not exist before 26 January 1788 – Part 1: The Voyage Out – YouTube

(699) Australia did not exist before 26 January 1788 – Part 2: Establishing the settlement. – YouTube

Geoffrey Blainey on Australia Day

Australia Day doubters misread our past

Geoffrey Blainey

From the Weekend Australian, 25 January 2018

Australia Day is still important. The nation would be unwise — and seen by later generations as foolish — if it did not proclaim its legitimacy, and its successes and even failures too, on one special day.

Admittedly, many critics deride January 26 as Invasion Day, though they read their history backwards. Captain Arthur Phillip had no intention of launching an invasion that would eventually cover and conquer even a fraction of Australia.

He made no claims whatsoever to the sites of Darwin or Perth. He was interested only in the area close to Sydney Harbour, which he acquired with ease. It was easy because the Aborigines were divided; many welcomed him at first.

The British were more interested in sea than land. After Sydney Harbour their next choice was Norfolk Island, 1500km out to sea.

On February 14, 1788, almost three weeks after that first Australia Day, sailors and convicts left Sydney to occupy that remote ­island. There they were at work before Governor Phillip set eyes on Parramatta and the Hawkesbury River.

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Jacinta Nampijinpa Price’s Australia  Day Speech

‘Reflect, Respect, Celebrate’

 January 26, 2022

This is the text of a speech delivered by Jacinta Price to the Australia Day Council at the Melbourne Club on January 24, 2022.

In 2016 on Australia Day, I was deeply compelled to voice a story, my story of identity, of being Australian and of my history. Little did I know the breadth of responses that my story would spark. Some found it refreshing and welcomed the open door to have the conversation, others found it confronting and shut the door to the conversation. Either way my contribution to the debate of changing the date has provided a credible unifiable reasoning and point of view. I’ll recap that story in a moment. But first some reflections on all that has happened since.

We have, without a doubt, since 2016 gone through and are still riding out one of the most challenging periods of our history as a collective. The Australia Day theme of Reflect, Respect and Celebrate could not be more appropriate, not just from an Australian history view but also from our recent journey view.

In 2021 the nation was blessed to be informed by a long-time educator and Senior Australian of the Year, Territorian Nauyiu Elder Miriam Rose, when she said ‘we need to slow down, deeply listen and feel it, our spirit, our place and this will give us an open heart’. More timely wisdom could not have been given, as the National Biosecurity threat of COVID-19 had well and truly arrived. During the past year, we have all, together experienced restrictions on travel, learning from home, working from home, vaccinations, check ins and lockdowns. These experiences have  reminded us of the spirit of what is to be Australian, to care, to protect ourselves and our loved ones, and our government and community has done what was needed to get the job done.

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Jacinta Nampijinpa Price

Model Indigenous Australian

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price is a loyal Australian on whom those who claim to be ‘indigenous’ can model themselves. Rather than engaging in hate-filled myth-making and cultural re-invention, she appeals to Australian solidarity in solving the nation’s problems – not just the problems of Aboriginals. Jacinta is Country Liberal Party candidate for the Senate in the Northern Territory. She is an outstanding candidate. Vote for her. Below is her latest newsletter.


Happy New Year to everyone, except the woke left loonies who set fire to Old Parliament House.

Happy New Year to everyone, except those who put a match to the building where Indigenous Australian hero Neville Bonner served as a senator for ALL Australians for 12 years.

Happy New Year to everyone, except those who tried to burn down the parliament where, as my mate Warren Mundine put it, “the wrongs of the past were corrected”.

Happy New Year to everyone who’s as fed up as I am with woke brats thinking they have the right to incinerate YOUR history.

After the challenges you faced in 2021, we had an opportunity over Christmas and New Year’s to reconnect, strengthen our ties and prepare for the year ahead.

But the left decided to ring in the new year with needless destruction and criminal acts against a place of democracy and significant historical meaning to ALL Australians.

And it’s not just a fringe few. Greens Senator Loopy Lidia Thorpe celebrated the fire, tweeting out “Seems like the colonial system is burning down. Happy New Year everyone”.

Shame on you, Lidia.

And now as we begin the new year the left has turned their sights on another symbol of our great nation. This time, back on the tired old mission to cancel Australia Day.

You’ve heard me say it before but I’ll say it again for those who missed it: leave Australia Day alone.

Australia Day is not, and has never been, about celebrating the suffering experienced by Indigenous Australians, It’s about celebrating ALL Australians, of ALL backgrounds and cultures, living together and striving for the common good of ALL of us.

We can’t ignore what happened in this country’s history, and changing the date won’t change our past, nor will it solve racism, extend Indigenous life-expectancy or reduce fatherlessness in Indigenous communities.

Cancelling Australia Day will only divide us further.

Australia Day is a day for all of us to celebrate how far we’ve come, the wonderful nation we live in, and to recommit ourselves to further improving life for ALL AUSTRALIANS.

So the left can have their mourning ceremony, fly the flag at half mast and compete in their own victim-olympics – but they can’t cancel Australia Day.

I hope you and your family enjoy this Australia Day, celebrating the wonderful country we are all privileged to call home.

Have a beer for me, and let’s get ready to make 2022 the year we come together to tackle the REAL problems facing Australia.

Yours for REAL solutions,

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price Country Liberal Party Senate Candidate for NT

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price
Country Liberal Party (NT)
2.229 McMillans Road, Jingili
NT 0810
Tel: (08) 8996 9259
Email: info@jacintaprice.com