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When will the authorities protect us instead of turning against us?

Sky News has reported the desecration of the statue of Captain Cook at St Kilda. Sky News calls the desecrators vandals. But these are not vandals. They are political operatives, traitors, embedded in the Australian population. Gutless subversives acting under the cover of dark. They are at war with the majority of Australians. They are given free passage by the local authorities – the local councils.

When will someone take up the cause against these traitors?

Sky News notes that some are calling for the removal of the statue. The removal of the statue would be utter betrayal.


SKY NEWS, 25 January 2024

‘Vandals have targeted Captain Cook’s statue in Melbourne. The culprits cut the figure off its pedestal and defaced its base. The incident occurred on the eve of Australia Day. It’s one of many attacks on the monument in St Kilda, which has been previously doused in paint and sprayed in graffiti. Proposals have been made to have the statue permanently removed.’