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Foreign Spies in Australia – who is surprised?

While many of Australia’s elite class are busy promoting gay culture and policing the thoughts of ordinary Australians, foreign spies are having the time of their lives connecting with them.

ASIO uncovers sleeper agent running spy ring

Simon Benson, The Australian, 24 February 2020

ASIO has revealed it uncovered a “sleeper” agent running a major spy ring and providing logistical and financial support for ­foreign agents engaged in intelligence-gathering missions and harassing dissidents in Australia.

The domestic security agency has also apprehended an increasing number of spies entering or trying to enter the country as it warns that more foreign agents are operating on Australian soil than during the height of the Cold War.

Without directly naming China or other countries known to engage aggressively in espionage, there were cases where “hostile ­intelligence services” had directly threatened Australians, with the country now being targeted by several foreign governments.

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