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Insidious Chinese nationalism

Two comments ago, I focused on the power of ethnic voting blocks in Australia. I cited the large Chinese community as an example. It was justifiable claimed that the Chinese community voting as a block shifted enough votes to the Labor Party to enable it to win the 2022 federal election. Why did they get behind the Labor Party? Or, perhaps a more accurate question was, ‘Why did the Chinese community vote against the Liberal-Country Party Coalition?

The second question is more accurate because many, if not all, Chinese residents vote for the party that best represents their ethnic interests. Their ethnic interests fundamentally include their identity as Chinese, an identity situated in Communist China. Chinese nationalism is irradicable in most Chinese.

The Chinese community punished the Morrison government for their fierce criticism of the Chinese government.

Below are three videos which display the sort of nationalism found in the Chinese diaspora – as it’s called. The first begins with well-known youtuber Brendan Kavanagh playing the piano at London’s Pancras Station. There is a group of young Chinese just visible in the background. It seems harmless enough. What could possibly happen in such a cozy, inoffensive scene?

About nine minutes into the video, the scene suddenly transforms to Kavanagh’s increasing bemusement. What develops is partly hilarious and partly sinister.

The second video reveals who the Chinese were, and the third is by an American who has been a resident in China for ten years. He makes some relevant comments about Chinese nationalism, comments that people should take note of in countries that have a large Chinese community. He clearly made the comments as mere observations without any political intent.


The Brendan Kavanagh Affair:


Who the Chinese provocateurs were:


Great surge of nationalism in China.



Chinese go on the attack with lies and distortions. People should watch the original to see the falsehood of the allegations: