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Demographic suicide – who cares?

People have been discussing the issue of reducing populations around the world for years. The stark warning is that some nations are heading for obliteration, not by a nuclear bomb, but by their population disappearing. Korea is such a country – indeed a worst case scenario. Think what it would be to see a country disappear in a hole in the ground. That’s what demographic collapse means. Imagine a country like Australia disappearing. But it’s not only nations.

Think what it means for a race to disappear. That’s what’s happening to the white race – to the joy of many non-whites around the world who eagerly lend a hand by promoting interracial marriage.

The white race is contracepting, aborting, and homosexualizing itself out of existence.

But who cares?


Why Do So Many People Not Want To Have Children?

Malcolm Collins is a pronatalist, Stanford MBA graduate, venture capitalist and an author. What would the world actually look like if only the global population was only 500 million people? Given the current birth rate projections, we’re approaching a massive collapse. If you think a planet with too many people on it is bad, a planet with too few is even worse.

Expect to learn why Korea is projected to experience a 94% population extinction within the next century, why so few people actually want to have kids in 2023, why a ‘super virus’ has taken over the progressive movement, whether prosperity, equality, education and fertility are incompatible with each other, whether authoritarianism could fix this problem, if there’s a moral obligation to have children, the implications of using new technology for gene-editing & birthing via artificial wombs and much more…