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Cancel Culture and the pitiable Gen Z generation

Rafe Heydel-Mankoo is a London-based author, historian and public policy consultant.  He is one of the most articulate commentators on the social and political problems destroying Western Society. In the video below, he tackles the cancel culture, taking the essence of the problem back to Britain’s system of education.

He focuses on the Millenial and Gen Z generations as the most left-wing generations ever with the startling claim that these generations do not turn conservative as they grow older, which has been often the case of previous generations.

The social and political problems Britain faces are almost identical to those of Australia.


To Save Britain, We Must END the Left-Wing Domination of Education.

Rafe Heydel-Mankoo, The New Culture Forum

Today’s youth are the most radically left wing in British history. And, unlike previous generations, they are NOT becoming more conservative as they age. They hold illiberal views on free speech, embrace extreme pseudo-ideologies on race and gender, and have an entirely different set of values and beliefs to all earlier generations. Left unchecked, in 2 or 3 decades Britain’s adult workforce and leaders will be hard left radicals — the consequences of which are potentially dystopian. It is no coincidence that they have been taught by the most radically left-wing teaching profession in history. If we want to preserve the Britain we know and love, we must win the Battle for Young Minds. And we must radically reform the manner in which teachers are recruited and trained. Speech by our Senior Fellow Rafe Heydel-Mankoo at The Freedom Association’s conference: “How Can We Conquer Cancel Culture”

The betrayal of the teaching profession

It is simply part of the Marxist workbook (praxis) that a nation’s education system is at the head of the list of those institutions and organizations to be subverted. Gain control of the minds of the nation’s children and you are (in the Australian vernacular) home and hosed in setting the unswerveable path to the socialist Utopia of the Marxist fantasy. That’s what has happened in Australia.

Marxists now have almost total control of children and youth from pre-school to university. The empirical evidence is overwhelming. A major plank in the school curriculum is the propagation of a version of Aboriginal history that glorifies the positives and ignores the negatives (see the Aboriginal tab). The noble savage was often just savage.

Worse, a great deal of the new version is reinvention and myth. The typical Marxist demoralisation tactic (creating shame for the past) means the almost total obliteration of a true version of Australian history from the First Fleet to the end of the 1950s when Marxist launched their determined push to gain control. That period saw a stunning period of national development and the establishment of one the world’s most enduring democracies (See my family history series). Dr Bella D’Abrera comments on the sad state of the teaching of history in Australian schools below.


Teaching Australians to be ashamed

Dr Bella D’Abrera, History Reclaimed, 17 March 2022

The teaching of History in Australian schools has become a battleground for the hearts and minds of Australians. Under the watch of a supposedly centre- right government in Australia, legions of school children are being turned against the modern state of Australia by history teachers who harbour a profound suspicion and hatred of the values and institutions of Western civilisation.

Among the myriad of lies currently being fed to the young and impressionable is the story that the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788 marked the beginning of a long and brutal colonisation, and that the Indigenous population of Australia is still coming to terms with what is often referred to as an invasion and resulting genocide. This profoundly negative narrative tells all non-Indigenous Australians that they should be ashamed of both Australia and being Australian. It requires that the living apologise for the supposed sins of the long since deceased, thus encouraging Australians to live in a perpetual state of unassuageable guilt.

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Educational pluralism and sphere sovereignty

During the seven-decade political struggle in the Netherlands to allow parents to select schools corresponding to their religious convictions, Abraham Kuyper articulated a concept of “sphere sovereignty” that translates, in policy terms, into principled structural pluralism. That Dutch experience, and its resolution in the “Pacification” of 1917, is highly relevant for the present situation in the United States: popular revulsion against the condescension and intolerance of a liberal elite toward the values and interests of many of their fellow-citizens, leading to deep political and social as well as cultural divides…read on