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Fakes reinventing themselves as Aboriginal

On the Andrew Bolt Show, Sky News:

‘He’s a fake’: Details emerge of late Indigenous scholar’s heritage

Dark Emu Exposed’s Roger Karge reveals the details he has uncovered about the heritage of the late Indigenous academic Professor Eric Willmot. Professor Willmot is known for his involvement in Indigenous education in Australia.

“We got an email out of the blue from Eric Willmot’s sisters,” Mr Karge told Sky News host Andrew Bolt. “They said look, they’ve been trying to seek justice for 40 odd years, that you know they’re very pro Aboriginal … but said the family is horrified because they know they’re not Aboriginal. “So the family gave me some information, I got our genealogists to work on it, and he’s got quite a simple family tree but all their ancestors come from England, Scotland, Ireland and one from Germany – there’s no Aboriginality at all. “He’s a fake basically.”