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The Trump derangement syndrome

Revenge of the Losers

Garrett Ward Sheldon, GENZCONSERVATIVE, 15 July 2021

We know why, politically, Liberals hated (and still hate) Donald Trump. He was unraveling their world system of economic, commercial, diplomatic, criminal, and cultural domination. He had to be stopped for their financial, social, and political survival. [In America ‘Liberal’ is synonymous with the ‘left’. ]

But there is also a personal, psychological, emotional reason explaining the ferocity (“Trump Derangement Syndrome”), the virulent hatred of Trump. He “called a spade a spade.”

He told them to their faces that they were losers and fakes. Pretending to be the most righteous, wise, good reformers in the world (“Saving the Earth”; curing all diseases; caring for the downtrodden and rejected; serving as shining beacons of virtue). Trump openly declared that this was false and pretentious. Unforgiveable!

For Liberals are really very insecure deep down, knowing their unworthiness, corruption, and wretchedness. They must clothe themselves in righteousness to keep up their morale and image. Some have referred to them as “The Emperor’s New Clothes” or The False Wizard of Oz. The Truth hurts.

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Bubbling up from hell

Policy From HELL: A Better Name for Leftist Ideas

Garrett Ward Sheldon, GENZCONSERVATIVE, 6 August 2021

I have long thought that there must be a chamber in Hell called The Department of Absurd Ideas. 

There, day and night, dozens of demons come up with the most ridiculous, crazy ideas and send them up to earth. Some of the most award-winning (The Red Badge of Lucifer, The Dragon Medal, and Ribbon of Satan) ideas include: abolishing private property will increase prosperity (Communism); twelve-year-old children can decide their gender; an environmentally-safe pipeline that increases energy and national security should be stopped; and the best:  a senilecorrupt moron should be the most powerful person in the world.

The realization of that last one prompted a wild celebration, including champagne (albeit hot) and well-toasted croissants. Sometimes this Infernal Division even awards its earthly minions with devilish look-alike contests!

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Are we in a Consultant-oracy?

Here’s an interesting piece from Professor Garrett Ward Sheldon.

Consultant-ocracy: The New Fourth Estate

Garret Ward Shelson, GENZCONSERVATIVE, 23 September 2021

When we had a free, independent press in America, it was often referred to as “The Fourth Estate” – another branch of government that kept the other branches in check and served democracy. Now that the media serves the Cabal that also runs the government, a new Fourth Estate has emerged: The Consultants.

Unfortunately, this serves the same Cabal that runs the “public” sector but runs the “private” sector (businesses; education; sports; foundations; entertainment; publications; church denominations; etc.) with the same Politically Correct propaganda (BLM, Trans, Socialism, climate change, COVID-mania).

We almost have a Consultantocracy in the United States: The Rule of Consultants, unelected, unaccountable, slithering everywhere. We recently witnessed an example of this with the leaked ZOOM conference at a hospital where the Consultants were advising the medical personnel how to inflate COVID numbers and scare people into getting the vaccine.

I’m not sure of their tactics for taking over and ruling the formerly Private Sector, but I see them everywhere. Universities are now run by Consultants or “Marketing” agencies. Perhaps they just buy the Boards and administrators with “grants” for programs, “conferences” in Hawaii, or future lucrative jobs; but, clearly, they’ve taken over, often to the detriment of the organization’s mission. We’ve seen this with the politicizing of professional sports. Often the “private” institutions corrupted by the Consultocrats are used, destroyed, and then cast aside like an old shoe. The tail was wagging the dog

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