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Australians with ancestry going back to the 1800s to mid-1900s will ignore this video at their peril. Ethnic voting blocks are already happening. There are suburbs in Sydney established in the 1800s and early 1900s by Australian and British settlers that are now 90% Asian. The Chinese community voted against the Morrison government because of its vigorous resistance to the bullying of communist China. The loss of the Morrison government has been attributed to the critical shifting of the Chinese vote to the Labor Party. Australia must review its immigration policy before its too late.

POC immigration

Australia is constantly slandered as a (white) racist country. The hordes of POCs trying to get into Australia would seem to disprove that slander. Of course, that does not stop the slander. It does not stop the slander because the truth or falsehood of the claim (it is false) is not at issue. It is slander as a political tool. It will keep going because it is an effective tool in the worldwide Marxist campaign to destroy white influence and white civilization.

Those white countries that allow extensive POC immigration now find many of those who benefited out on the streets condemning their white hosts as racists and tearing down statues of figures once considered important in developing the standard of living that those POCs migrated to enjoy.

One wonders how long the tolerance of this insane situation will go on.

They are changing the essence of Australia

The continent of Australia was settled overwhelmingly by people from the British Isles. The people brought their full range of customs, traditions, religion and system of law and government. It was the basis of a new nation that developed and evolved through the decades. Though having its origin in the people of the British Isles, the Australian people in the 1950s were a people distinct from their cousins in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. We were Australia. There was no other Australia.

If by immigration our political class changes the ethnic, social and political basis of the Australian population, they will change Australia. Nobody would suggest that China would be improved by an immigration of a number of white people that amounted to one twenty-fifth of the Chinese population and rising. Similarly, nobody would recommend to the Indian people a massive immigration of white people to their continent.

‘Europe’s migrants are here to stay’ – the same plan for Australia?

It’s time to start crafting our policies accordingly
By Dimitris Avramopoulos 
European Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship  

It’s time to face the truth. We cannot and will never be able to stop migration.

The refugee crisis in Europe may be subsiding, but migration globally will not stop. Today, on International Migrants Day, more than 244 million people are living outside their country of birth. Human mobility will increasingly define the 21st century. If we want to be ready for it, we need to start preparing now.

Migration is an emotional, sensitive and political issue. It has helped determine elections across Europe and the world. But we can no longer talk only about crisis management: Migration is our new reality. The time has come to start thinking, talking and acting about migration in a more comprehensive and long-term way, putting in place policies aimed at promoting integration and inclusion. Read on…

Black immigrants bring a new dimension of violence

Out of a small group of immigrants to Australia comes a violence that is senseless, irrational and merciless – especially merciless. Victoria’s news bulletins regularly report the bashings, robberies and home invasions by groups of Sudanese youth. Vision of the robberies often show a casual attitude to their crime and violence. Warnings to the authorities – those who make decisions about who comes to Australia – about the incompatibility of some cultures with Australia’s way of life have been ignored.

Channel Nine yesterday reported yet another senseless unprovoked assault on a woman walking to her car in a shopping centre car park. The three youths laughed while they bashed and called the woman a ‘white bitch’. There is only one solution to the crime and violence committed by these black youths: deportation. Punishment and re-education are proving useless.