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Are the expected problems of quotas emerging?

In April this year, Janet Albrechtsen wrote a powerful and thoroughly warranted piece (In political tribalism, ego is not a dirty word) against two female executives who joined the campaign to destroy Christian Porter of the Liberal Party. It was a beautiful political assassination that was roaringly successful, leaving the leaders of the lynch mob, Jo Dyer and Louise Milligan, cock-a-hoop, fired up and ready for their next male victim. And as with Cardinal Pell and Christian Porter no quarter will be given. Albrechtsen, one of the most articulate voices in Australia on the conservative side, focused on the depressing message given by these two shooting-from-the-lip female executives

For a staggering show of vanity, it’s hard to go past comments from Emily Rich last week. The director of start-ups for Asia-Pacific at Microsoft believes Christian Porter’s new role as Industry, Science and Technology Minister will deter tech people from engaging with the Morrison government. “And it should,” she pronounced.

Emily Rich, an executive at Microsoft.
Emily Rich, an executive at Microsoft.

“To borrow the words of Grace Tame, I’m using my voice amongst a growing chorus of voices that will not be silent,” she told The Australian Financial Review, condemning Porter’s new role following unproven and unprovable allegations made against him of rape when he was a 17-year-old debating student.

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