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Stephen Smith – another Labor Traitor

Stephen Smith cancels Australia Day celebrations in London.

STEPHEN SMITH, High Commissioner to London, and former Labor Party high-up (that’s why he got the job) has shown once again that the Australian Labor Party is the party of treachery and betrayal. Despite the ‘YES’ campaign for separatism being absolutely smashed by the 61% of Australians, the dishonorable Stephen Smith has taken it upon himself to get rid of celebrations for Australia Day at Australia House in London.

Like all his Labor colleagues who don’t give a sh.. about what Australians want if it does not fit in with their ideology, he has acted on is own. He has no authority at all to discard an Australian tradition like Australia Day which is and has always been on 26 January. The Australian nation properly understood has its origins in that date.

Do Australians once again have to swallow such arbitrary undemocratic decisions as this? Is there nobody who will rise to defend us?