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Hating men as a commitment and way of life

Brittany Sellner (formerly Pettibone) shows where we are with the hatred of men. She quotes from a representative tweet:

‘Hating men isn’t a meme for me. It’s not an online persona. It’s a commitment. It’s a way of life.’

The tweet drew 190k+ expressions of hatred showing that it’s not only allowable to hate men, but that it is a recommended lifestyle. In other words, it’s recommended to abuse men wherever a woman comes across this despicable piece of shit – on the street, in the office, in the bus, in shops, in the family and, so on.

The hatred of men, however, is not just hatred of men generally. No, it’s ‘white men’ that women should reserve their deepest hatred for. Sellner quotes one tweet that suggests white extermination may be the final solution to the problem:

‘This isn’t for white people. Fuck your ancestors.’

Where’s this going? Are white men going to endure this indefinitely? Will those who do the dirtiest, most humiliating, and most dangerous jobs in modern society swallow this treatment indefinitely?