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How many Marxists are agitating for illegal migrants?

It is a common charade played by Australia’s dominant political class that those pleading the cause of refugees are just ordinary Australians who have a heart. No political motive – just giving their time and heart to the oppressed and abandoned. No mention, of course, of the money paid to people smugglers who work at landing in any craft whatever as many people on Australia’s northern coastline as possible. No mention that the supreme aim is to break open Australia’s borders.

Many Australians are waking up to the con, but not as many as there should be. Things will get worse before they get better. Put in another way, the Left will continue to wreak havoc until a counter-force is big enough to stop them.

Lucas Rosas has done an inestimable service in compiling a list of the main Marxists who are not only behind the effort to open Australia’s borders to all and sundry – except perhaps for white people – but are behind any politically correct cause you can imagine. His article  including the list appears on the XYZ website.