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Mean girls club

Last week, Labor Senator Kimberley Kitching died suddenly at fifty-two. As fifty-two is a young age to die these days, one wonders if she had been seriously ill – cancer or some other debilitating illness. But no, it was (as reported so far) a heart attack, one that happens without giving signs. Then the background story came out.

Kitching had been subjected to what she called ‘bullying’ by fellow Labor Party senators she called ‘mean girls’ – alluding to the movie of the same name. The bullying, it has been suggested, put her under such stress that it precipitated a heart attack. Whatever the truth about the origins of the heart attack (the alleged cause at least appears likely), the story is a common one among women: women being bitches to women, told almost exclusively by women.

The bullying bitches in this case are alleged to have been Labor senators Katy Gallagher, Kristina Keneally, and Penny Wong – pictured below. I have given links below that provide the full miserable story which I need not repeat. There is, however, one aspect I want to pause over. It shows just how nasty women can be to other women. It concerns Penny Wong.

Senator Katy Gallagher, left, Senator Kristina Keneally, centre, and Senator Penny Wong, right, in the Senate chamber.

Penny Wong apes a man while showing contempt for men. As much as she tries to dress and maintain the manner and swagger of a man, her hips and bum give her away. She is irrevocably a female. Now this woman who wants to be a man clashed brutally with Kitching. Sharri Markson reported the clash in the The Australian.

“If you had children, you might understand,” Penny Wong shot at Kimberley Kitching during a heated meeting attended by senior Labor politicians in 2019.

The group was debating a Greens Senate motion that supported school students who engaged in “civil disobedience” at climate emergency protests.

During the meeting, Kitching argued the motion was an exercise in virtue signalling and that some parents would prefer their children to be in class during school hours.

Wong’s response to Kitching stung.

“Well, if you had children, you might understand why there is a climate emergency,” Wong reportedly said.

Those close to Kitching say it was particularly hurtful because the painful truth was that Kitching had desperately wanted children, she loved children, but had been unable to have any.

A female colleague once said to me about female colleagues she was having trouble with: ‘Their claws are out for me.’ Wong has given a lucid demonstrating of what my colleague meant. A woman could hardly be more nasty to another woman than Wong was to Kitching. But there is something else about this.

Wong has butched herself up to be the husband in her lesbian relationship, but she can be no father to the child her lesbian partner gave birth to. Pretence does not change reality. Kitching had no children as much as Wong has no children. Wong’s politics is all about pretence determined by her far-left ideology.

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