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Activists burrowing into the corporate world

Peta Credlin on Sky News interviews Janet Albrechtsen of the Australian.

Activists using companies ‘as Trojan horses to push social agendas’


Janet Albrechtsen has called out a major issue facing corporate Australia with activists “using companies as Trojan horses to push their social agendas”.

Ms Albrechtsen revealed in The Australian on Friday a push to remove Harvey Norman CEO Katie Page from the board of the company and have her replaced by shareholder activist Stephen Mayne.

Corporate advisory group Ownership Matters has advised its clients to vote against the re-election of Ms Page and instead support Mr Mayne, who has no corporate experience in retail or property.

Ms Albrechtsen said such a move is “not in the interests of shareholders” and “not in the interests of innovation”. “Companies should have enough latitude to try out different models of corporate governance to see what works,” she said.

Ms Albrechtsen said the “silver lining” of this “dreadful saga” is that it has “completely blown the diversity agenda out of the water”. “If diversity now means getting rid of the most experienced person on the board, and in her place putting a man who has zero experience to be on the board of Harvey Norman … diversity has now lost any kind of credibility.”


The Peta Credlin Phenomenon

Tuesday September 13 was the Ides of September and the first anniversary of the secret meeting of Liberal Party conspirators at the house of MP Peter Hendy. The feature of that meeting of treachery was that the leading conspirator, the beneficiary of the conspiracy, was not present. He was comfortably ensconced in his harbour-side mansion sipping a Glenfiddich while awaiting a phone call from his underlings. The next day, Wednesday 14 September, was the first anniversary of the coup, the culmination of five years’ planning (according to Fairfax journalist Peter Hartcher) that deposed first term Prime Minister Tony Abbott and fulfilled Malcolm Turnbull’s desperate non-negotiable ambition of becoming prime minister of Australia.

A generous person may hope that Malcolm Turnbull derives the full measure of satisfaction from his self-centredness, his ruthlessness, and his ungovernable ambition. The rest has been a disaster – a disaster for the Liberal Party rent from top to bottom and a disaster for many of Turnbull’s co-conspirators whom an execrating electorate booted from the political arena. Continue reading The Peta Credlin Phenomenon