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Jacinta Nampijinpa Price’s latest email

I fully support Jacinta Nampijinpa Price’s approach to reconciliation and hope people of the Northern Territory vote her into the Senate.

Will changing the date of Australia Day solve racism?

Will changing the date of Australia Day improve Indigenous life expectancy? Will it reduce fatherlessness in Indigenous communities?

Will it decrease the high domestic violence rates suffered by Indigenous women and girls at the hands of Indigenous men, the rape crisis in remote Indigenous communities like the Kimberley, high rates of brain damage cause by Indigenous maternal drinking, or make an impact on Indigenous drug and alcohol abuse?

Will changing the date of Australia Day solve a single real world issue faced by Indigenous Australians?

Of course not!

But it will make latte-sipping inner-city hippies feel better about themselves.

“Look at me! I care so much that I won’t listen to a radio show on January 26!”

The calls to change the date are starting earlier and earlier each year.

Woke virtue signallers race to be the first to call for the change.

The Greens have had no shame in pushing for the farce for years, but now the federal Labor party wants a slice of the woke pie.

Federal MP for Perth, Patrick Gorman, took to The West Australian newspaper last month to kowtow at the feet of the woke mob.

When it comes to supporting the current date of Australia Day, I have been wrong. It is time to admit that and recommit myself to the work of reconciliation.

That’s big of you, Pat.

We are good at taking power and bad at returning it to those who should hold it.

Well Pat, why don’t you lead by example? Feel free to resign your power any time. There’s an election coming up, why not a fresh start for Perth? Sounds good to me!

But of course, you won’t do that will you? You won’t put your money – or power – where your mouth is.

Like all the others on the left, he is all talk. He’ll say what he thinks will appease the woke mob, he’ll cry those vote-winning crocodile tears and at the end of the day he won’t change a thing.

Nothing will change because on the one hand, Labor MPs like Patrick Gorman haven’t taken the time to find out what the real problems are.

On the other hand, if they did make change what would they run on?

What good is it to lefty politicians if those ‘victims’ they claim to champion suddenly weren’t ‘victims’?

If they really want to lament Australia Day, they can create their own day and spend it mourning.

They can fly the flags at half-mast and cry crocodile tears for the cameras.

But leave Australia Day alone.

Leave it alone for those Australians like you and I who actually love this country, who understand the opportunity it has given us, and who choose this day to celebrate all of us, regardless of background, and all we have achieved together.

The only way for us to move forward is to actually forgive each other. It’s to make a decision to want to heal and move forward, instead of expecting everybody else around you to bend to your feelings.

Let’s celebrate Australia Day and this wonderful country we are blessed to live in.

Let’s move on from these non-issues and, together, tackle the real problems facing our country.

Yours for REAL solutions to the REAL problems,

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price Country Liberal Party Senate Candidate for NT

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