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Vladimir Putin – a vandal and barbarian after all

Vladimir Putin had reasonable issues regarding Russia’s security – the same America had at the time of the Cuban missile crisis in 1962. John Mearsheimer, to whom I referred in previous comments, outlined a background – NATO’s eastward movement – for Putin’s concerns about security in his video, Why is Ukraine the West’s Fault? I found his case compelling.

A second reason I had sympathy for Putin’s position was his projection of a Burkean conservatism in speeches that invoked Russia’s rich history, traditions and culture. But the idea that Putin espoused a Burkean conservatism was a chimera – a chimera destroyed by a brutal invasion that has since degenerated into barbarism and vandalism.

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine shows he cannot be trusted and that his nationalism is similar to that of Hitler’s or Mussolini’s, both driven by a warped vision of their history. Their form of nationalism must destroy the sympathy of those who think history, tradition, and custom, circumscribed by the natural law, are of fundamental importance to a healthy nation. Nothing can excuse the indiscriminate pulverising of Ukraine’s cities.

The best outcome now for Putin is a Pyrrhic victory, the worst, total defeat. One must have not only sympathy for the people of Ukraine, but also for the Russian people, most of whom clearly did not want a war with the people of Ukraine and who regard the Ukrainians as brothers and sisters.

What do these videos say about Russia and the west?

Gorodetsky Dostochki seems to be a Russian theatre company. They have posted many different dance numbers on youtube, showing primary school to adult performances. There are many kids’ performances like THIS ONE. They remind me of the annual concerts primary schools put on back in the 1950s. The performance and the age level always corresponded. Kids and the parent audience were delighted.

Compare that Russian kids’ dance number with the Single Ladies Dance (7 years old- Original) posted in 2010. It is not the only kids’ dance number of its type to be found on youtube. At the time, it caused a wave of disgust, and the question of where we’re going in the West. The video as of now has scored 10,579,278 views.