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Russia’s elite – barbarians, liars and psychopaths

Over the years Vladimir Putin managed to fabricate an image of himself as a rational statesman with understandable grievances about security. He had nothing more in mind than to protect Russia, its history, and its culture – an unexceptionable conservative project. There was also the impression that he took action to prevent the cancerous disease of wokeness from entering Russia. In this way, he managed to gain sympathy from conservatives in the West.

I was among them. I was even ready to believe that the assassinations of Russians in the West were the work of rogue elements in the military or the FSB (The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation). But is was all a sham – all a carefully planned fabrication.

The unfolding of the brutal obscene invasion of Ukraine has taken the curtain away from the psychopathic Kremlin clique running the invasion at the head of which is dictator Putin. Nothing will stand in the way of Putin’s agenda.

People in foreign lands are assassinated without a jot of regard for the laws of the country. Countries are invaded without the slightest regard for its citizens or its infrastructure. People and buildings are pulverized. Drunken uncontrolled soldiers rape women after shooting dead their husbands or boyfriends. Clearly some of the actions of the Russians in Ukraine are war crimes. The world has become ill at the barbarism of the Russians in Ukraine.

The comparison of Putin with Hitler is not far fetched. You see the same characteristics: a manic nationalism, Slavic superiority, counting one section of humanity as beneath contempt- Putin names Anglo-Saxons – and the preparedness to exterminate the perceived enemy. The world must not let this new Hitler get away with it. It must slowly squeeze Putin to death.

But it’s not just people in the West revolted by Russia’s barbarism. There is evidence of spreading disgust among a great part of the Russian population, despite the frantic propaganda by Putin and his clique to fool ordinary people.