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Climate change – hoax or not?

Some of us are old enough to remember the excitement 50 years ago about the coming Ice Age. Scientists were sure of it. The world was about to freeze over, devastating the world’s population. George Christensen posted the following on his FB page:

Ten climate alarmist predictions that did NOT come true in 2020:

1. Average global temperatures were supposed to be up 3 degrees Celsius in 2020. Didn’t happen.

2. Carbon dioxide emissions were supposed to have doubled by 2020. Didn’t happen.

3. We were told to follow Communist China as they were going to reduce gases by 40 to 45 per cent below 2005 figures in 2020. Didn’t happen. (Instead, they increased emissions by 168 per cent above 2005 figures.)

4. Al Gore said there would be no snow on Kilimanjaro by 2020. Didn’t happen. There’s still lots of snow up there.

5. The sea level around Florida was supposed to rise by two feet in 2020. Didn’t happen.

6. There were claims that children wouldn’t know what snow was in 2020. Didn’t happen. It’s snowing in many winter countries in the northern hemisphere and it snowed in Australia earlier this year.

7. They said Pacific Island economies would be devastated by climate change in 2020, particularly Tuvalu and Kirabati. Didn’t happen. Both countries grew their economies.

8. Climate change was supposed to cause nuclear war due to fighting over scarce resources. Didn’t happen.

9. They reckoned the Arctic would be ice free in 2020. Didn’t happen. There is 3.9 million square kilometres of ice in the Arctic.

10. They said glaciers would be gone at Glacier National Park in the USA. Didn’t happen.

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