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Who are the weepers, who are the complainers?

Once upon a time, long, long ago, the claim that women were more emotional than men – as a general rule – was rarely contradicted. Indeed, boys and young men were taught to respect that side of a woman’s nature – at least where I grew up. Everyone understood that in difficult demanding situations women were likely to end up crying – in some cases in hysterics. In all my working life, I have seen many female tears, but no blubbering male.

But our society has matured and thrown off such discriminatory views, hasn’t it? A person repeating those out of date views rightly incurs cancelling. We can’t tolerate discrimination, especially when it concerns women, can we?

But what if it is, indeed, part of a female’s nature to act emotionally under pressure? Well, I would say that nature would assert itself, as it did in the case of one seemingly drunk refugee fighting off four female police officers. No matter, the rules will still hold, and outstanding professional men guilty of wrongthink will be cancelled and their place filled by the politically correct but less competent.

The doctor won’t see you now

Leftist cancel culture is thriving in our hospitals

Tanveer Ahmed, Spectator UK

The ‘cancel culture’ is becoming more pronounced among doctors, highlighting the leftist drift of the profession.

The latest worrying example is the standing down of the world-renowned obstetrician Professor Hans Dietz from Nepean Hospital in Sydney’s outer suburbs. This occurred last month a week before Christmas.

Dietz made comments in an email that ‘an increasingly vulnerable workforce’ amongst doctors was in part related to a higher proportion of female doctors. He also stated that women were more likely to take time off for training,  were more expensive to train and spent fewer years working due to child-rearing demands.

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