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‘Feminism and the disposable male’

The documentary THE RED PILL by film maker Cassie Jaye has caused some nailing-biting among the mindless left in Australia. It’s been embarrassing to listening to the ‘commentary’ of some of Australia’s more popular television ‘talk’ shows. The critics on Seven’s ‘Sunrise’, and Ten’s ‘Project’ and ‘Studio Ten’ launched into Cassie Jaye, a delightful young woman, with the bare-face admission that they had not seen her documentary. It was kindergarten level stuff. Mark Latham accurately describes their performance on his most recent program under the heading of ‘What’s gone wrong with the mainstream media’. At a later date I will post my review of the highly praised ‘The Red Pill’.

One of the people Cassie Jaye interviewed was Karen Straughan, a leading figure in the defence of men against the Marxist feminists who now dominate women’s issues. Straughan gave impetus to the Men’s Movement with a video posted five years ago in which she outlines the false claims feminists make about men and their alleged power, violence and oppression of women.  Watching her video ‘Feminism and the Disposable Male’ will be a good introduction to Cassie Jayes’ The Red Pill. Straughan’s video has had nearly 1.5 million views.

Gerard Wilson