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As soon as I heard news report of the riotous mob who tried to storm the government buildings in Washington, I knew two things. The mob responsible for the riot was an infinitesimal part of the 74 million conservative people who voted for President Trump. They were a minority of the people collected in Washington to protest the election result. It is totally against the thoughts, values and inclination of conservatives to resort to violence, to try to tear down established systems.

That is in sharp contrast to the Marxist left whose main tool of political action is violence and disruption. The BLM Marxist riots in America during 2020 were far greater, far more violent, far more destructive, and supported by many in the Democratic Party.

Second, the left would go all out to exploit the limited riot and the small number of rioters to disqualify and delegitimize anyone who voted for President Trump, indeed, who showed any support at all for the president.

A number of conservatives in America have already posted videos analyzing and predicting the left’s response. The most comprehensive and most powerful for me is BEN SHAPIRIO’s video WELCOME TO THE PURGE. Watch and wait to see how much he gets right in the coming months.