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The purveyor of fakery reinventing Aboriginal history

For me the main point of Andrew Bolt’s dismissal of charlatan Bruce Pascoe’s concoction of Aboriginal history is that the mainstream media has swallowed it and awarded the unabashed fabricator the highest honor in Australian journalism – a Walkley. The award makes a farce of the Walkleys. A person of the minutest degree of reason could never take them seriously. Indeed, for most leftist journalists the Walkleys is merely another tool in their propaganda armoury.


‘Fake’: Bruce Pascoe’s doco slammed for treating the ‘most ludicrous propaganda’ as true

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the agenda of racial division and propaganda is continuing in Australia.

Mr Bolt said, “fake aborigine” Bruce Pascoe’s documentary ‘The Dark Emu Story’, which defends Mr Pascoe’s “fake history”, won The Walkley for Best Documentary.

“What’s going on here is like organised, government-funded lying – a conspiracy against truth and the public to push a very divisive, racial agenda,” he said.

Mr Bolt slammed Mr Pascoe’s documentary for treating the “most ludicrous propaganda” as true.

“The next time the journalists who run the Walkleys tell you they’re in the truth business, laugh in their face,” he said.