The irreplaceable Bill Leak – hounded to death

Bill Leak was one of my three super political breakouts for 2016. With Bill there were Peta Credlin and Mark Latham. Who knows why – what force intervened – but this trio individually managed in a gigantic leap to outdo their previous selves.

Bill (to focus on him) was always one of our great cartoonists. He was easily the best draughtsman/artist in my view. During 2016, however, he ran into a purple patch of outstanding political cartoons, the deadbeat Aboriginal father just one of them. He acquired acclaim and appreciation for the razor-sharp satire and the artistic skill. Australia’s bloated totalitarian monster would not let him get away with it.  He would pay.

Jennifer Oriel’s expression of mourning speaks for many.

Australia’s most irreverent & brilliant cartoonist Bill Leak has died after years of persecution by jihadists & PC bullies. When Leak drew a cartoon of Mohammed following the Charlie Hebdo terror, jihadists threatened to kill him. He fled into police protection. In 2016, PC minorities falsely accused Leak of racism under notorious gag law 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act. The Human Rights Commission encouraged complaints against him. Read on here

Andrew Bolt interviewed Bill Leak two days ago on SkyNews Bolt Report. The strain was showing on Bill’s face.

RIP Bill Leak. You are irreplaceable.

Gerard Wilson