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Recalling the events of 6 January 2021

Insurrection? The left show what an insurrection is about

One can always recognise the signs that the left are about to concoct a narrative. Such signs presented when a relatively small riotous group forced their way into the Capitol building in Washington on 6 January, while the main body of Trump supporters remained at a distance, as did Trump. Those who did make it into the building were filmed wandering around unheeded. Despite the non-threatening manner of most – there were a few exceptions – the left latched onto it with glee and enthusiasm.

Right across the world the media hammered the charge of insurrection. The same vision of the stair to the building crowded with people was recycled endlessly. The narrative was fixed. Fascist Donald Trump with his far-right supporters had attempted a coup. The narrative was unmercifully thrashed until there was not a jot of life left in it. By the time an official investigation showed Trump had nothing to do with what was now described as the riot, the incident was in the grave. Only a few indefatigable leftists now visit the grave in an attempt to resurrect the narrative.

But as far as insurrections go, conservatives should go to the left, to Antifa, to BLM to learn how to do an insurrection. Here are four of Paul Joseph Watson’s most popular videos.

Modernity 1

Modernity 2

Modernity 3

Modernity 4