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Destroying the myths about slavery

An essential part of the wokist narrative, now dominating the academy, is that colonization by European nations brought nothing but suffering to the people and places they colonized. The contrary is, however, is true. Despite causing some suffering, the European colonizers brought on balance civilization to those countries. There is plenty of evidence to back such a claim – particularly with regard to the British. One of the claims with which haters of white people and their civilization use to thrash them is slavery. Historian Nigel Biggar states the facts.


‘Eminent historian Nigel Biggar delves into the historical roots of slavery as a universal institution spanning throughout human history. Join him as he explores Britain’s leading role in the abolition and eradication of slavery worldwide. Gain insightful knowledge about the trans-Atlantic slave trade’s place within the broader context of this pervasive institution. Prepare to broaden your understanding of history and challenge preconceived notions.’

Slavery? Whose slavery?

Felix Rex (Plack Pigeon) has released a stunning video that undermines one of the main reasons for the Black Lives Matters rioting, showing the movement to be the tool of the dark (Marxist) forces attempting to eliminate white people and their civilization and replace it with a Marxist constructed dictatorship.