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Marxist rewriting of Australia’s history continues on ‘multicultural’ channel SBS

Under the heading SBS series New Gold Mountain rewrites history, and short-changes the audience, Catherine Hannebery writes in the Australian a penetrating review of NEW GOLD MOUNTAIN, an expensive SBS production.

I have scarcely read a more compelling deconstruction of the endless woke, Marxist-driven series served up for us on the taxpayer-funded ABC and SBS. Indeed, SBS has risen to Australia’s leading far-left propagator of what they present as ‘multiculturalism’, but in reality is an unrelenting, rancid dish of anti-white racism, particularly focusing on Australians of Anglo-Celtic ancestry.

For the traitorous white management of SBS, there could not be a badder, more racist lot than the people who laid the foundations of the Australian nation and delivered it complete by the 1950s, only to be improved upon – or subverted.

By minutely examining the SBS version of an actual event, Hannebery convincingly shows how SBS perverted the real story for ideological purposes. Indeed, everything on SBS is generated for ideological purposes. Her judgement is irrefutable on the evidence:

‘There is much to say about what the series promises, and what it delivers. But the central problem is the ideological use of historical fiction. Egregious colonial misdeeds and racism are being presented in the form of entertainment and we are being invited to draw contemporary parallels. This series, in my view, poses questions about the use and abuse of history…

The biggest disconnect in the TV series lies between the visionary premise of viewing colonial history through an authentic Chinese lens and the insensible narrative dreamt up to deliver this. Rather than the gritty truth, or the intriguing Chinese men of flesh and blood involved in the real murder case, the producers have served up revisionist-western tropes and characters filled from central casting. A woke agenda has shifted the storytelling goals from truth-telling to wishful thinking — with glib prescriptions about who the villains and heroes need to be…

‘The fictionalised story on screen undermines the producers’ conceit that they might be delivering us an important untold story. While it captures vividly the multicultural backbone of life in the frontier society and the goldrush’s hothousing effect on greed and ambition — beyond this, reality has been jettisoned. With Shing as the narrative’s pivot, the murder mystery is reinvented and backfilled with inclusive melodrama…

‘As the series frames itself as a revisionist-western, it doubles-down on mixed messaging. There are protagonists in period costume expressing 21st century ideas, alternately slicing or shooting each other up and talking about their feelings. By episode three, we are led to understand that inclusive community-based detective work will crack the murder case. We are reminded pointedly by fictional characters about their brave quests for truth.

‘This is what retro-fitted empowerment and agency look like for marginalised groups in expensive TV period drama…’

Why does the ordinary Australian put up with the misuse of their money for traitorous ideological purposes?

Blacks on the First Fleet

An article appearing on the website The Feed, a part of SBS, Australia’s multicultural TV channel, is headed, Did you know there were 12 Africans on the First Fleet?

Well, yes, I did know. I found out when I was conducting research on my family history. As it turns out, two of my ancestors were on the First Fleet, one a (female) convict, the other the Master’s steward, who later became a free settler (see my book PRISON HULK TO REDEMPTION). Anyone who does any research on the First Fleet will inevitably come across that information. It’s there for everyone to find.

It’s not hidden. There’s no conspiracy to ‘erase’ the presence of Africans on the First Fleet. And I did not throw my white Anglo-Celtic arms up in horror when that terrible information confronted me. No, I was still seated and just passed on in my reading of the conditions my convict ancestor suffered.

The Feed asks, ‘Why isn’t the history of African convicts widely known?’ Well, could it be because there was such a small number?There was a similar number of Jews. Does that make Australia anti-Semitic because no one talks about them? There were other nationalities, similarly in the forgetfulness of us terrible white Anglo-Celtic Australians.

When some of the lily-white descendants of two of the Africans came to investigate their family tree, they found the information in the records. No worries.

Historian Cassandra Pybus had no doubts about why. It was not general information, according to Pybus, ‘because Australia’s a racist society, and there was a concerted effort to wipe out non-Europeans from Australia’s history.’ Utter nonsense – part of the leftist narrative for the gullible – an idea kept alive by her class.

Has Pybus an explanation for the attacks on Australia’s borders by non-white people and for the hordes of non-white people poised on the periphery of South-East Asia just waiting for a chance to move south?

Australia until the 1950s was no more concerned with preserving its culture than other self-respecting nations. What is seen selectively as racist (it’s only countries where Caucasians dominate) is simply guardianship of the culture. Who would call Japan an inherently racist country?

But Pybus is an historian highly regarded by the left, and well-known for entertaining her leftist class with her thrashing of the white racist far-right men (just men) she imagines around her. (See The Devil and James McAuley.)

Yet again, multicultural SBS demonstrates it runs at the head of those propagating anti-white racism in Australia.